Discover our 3 activities!

Discover our 3 Blindtest activities!


Treat your teams to a live music quiz!


Suprise your teams with our interactive online Blindtest!


Get the best of both onsite and online worlds!

Note that LeBlindtest is a team building activity available both online and onsite! 

Our Online Option

LeBlindtest Online is another interactive show conceived to engage your teams from a distance. With webcam challenges, group challenges, and a video overlay just like on TV, you will be surprised to see how your colleagues let loose while staying in their living rooms.

Our Onsite Option

The musicians onsite will play an extract of a well-known song while your teams will compete and take on different challenges. The onsite concerts are making a come-back, and they unleash the most passion! Nothing better for celebrating your teams and treat them to a lively and exceptional moment!

Our Hybrid Option

Work habits are evolving and we have created a new experience to engage your colleagues onsite as well as teams working remotely. It is now possible to offer an event that includes everyone. Whether they are working in different places, or simply unable to be physically present, no one is left behind!