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At LeBlindtest, we organise live music quizzes hosted by professional musicians. Our mission? Create an exceptional, memorable, and interactive experience that will create lasting connections

Faced with an unprecedented sanitary crisis, companies are more and more aware of the importance of culture to create links between colleagues and to keep their employees motivated. Corporate culture has long been an asset in the professional world but it has now become crucial for teams who no longer work in the same locations. At LeBlindtest, we want to contribute to solving this problem.

We want your employees to go through a fun and friendly competition that will bring them together without moving them from their workplace. Our Blindtests will involve everyone, including the shyest amongst you. Everyone can express themselves, even more reserved personalities who don’t have to get out of their comfort zone to earn points!

Music triva are nothing new so everyone will know the rules of the game. You hear a song for a few seconds and participants need to guess the title and the artist. Those who guess correctly can win different prizes throughout the game. It’s a popular game for a reason and works great to bring teams together while they let loose and dance along!

Out with the Spotify playlist! With us, you’ll get live intepretation of songs with profesionnal musicians. They will reinterpret certains songs to spice things up and amp up the challenge: they’ll switch lyrics, create mash-ups, and make things trickier than a classic music trivia! Participants will sing and sway along to music of their youth as well as new releases. It’s always a popular animation!

When the game starts, musicans will invite each team to take a phone and log into the webapp. Players will then answer through the app and they’ll also be able to use some jokers! No need to install anything, it’s an online plateform.

Each answer will go through an auto-correct system to tolerate a fair amount of error in real time. This makes our app suitable for small teams as well as large teams. Plus, with our app, musicians can award bonus points to anyone who goes the extra mile.

Right before you finalise your booking, we’ll organise a 45 min brief with you to go through all the details of your expectations.

We’ll go through about 20 questions to make sure that the event is catered to your company culture and to take into account all the do’s and don’ts for your event.

Here are some of our most popular themes:

  • Oldies but Goodies
  • Google Translate (why don’t we aks Google to translate Despacito and sing it as is?)
  • Disney
  • Shoot I know this song (we only play the riffs! no singing)
  • TV show themes
  • Musicals
  • Why not suggest a dress code? Casual or formal… or maybe even a costume and accessory for everyone!
  • As an add-on, we can customise a whole section with songs of your choosing to cater to your company culture.

For each set, participants can win up to 100 points per song by guessing the title and the artist correctly. Players who get both answers right get 50 points and then they can earn another 50 points based on their speed. The fastest answer gets 50 point and the last answer in gets 0 points. Palyers in between will earn between 0 and 50 proportionnally to their speed.

Our algorithm will automatically correct any typos and accept the answer if the spelling is almost right. For bigger errors, musicians will be prompted on their dashboard to accept the answer or not. This will also allow for some interaction between the musicans and the public!

Teams of 4-5 can be formed. Everyone will have their own specific music references so forming teams is a great way to ensure everyone contributes!

On the phone, the app is very interactive while still being user-friendly. Everything is monitored by the musicians on stage.

Screens will show alternately the answer sheet, the leaderboard, the statistics as well as the correct answer!

No need to download anything! We use a webapp that will not keep any data once the game is over.

Our clients are over the moon!